Who Created This Learning Platform & Why?

As a wedding photographer during the Great Recession I struggled through years of expensive trial & error to learn marketing and keep the phone ringing. I invested heavily in self-guided learning and "cracked the code". Impassioned and empowered, I changed directions to focus exclusively on helping my peers with marketing.

I've now taught marketing within the wedding industry for more than a decade: in-person, at conferences & online. All along I've thought - "there has to be a better way to empower people in our industry to learn on their own terms." I'm so proud to offer The I Do Society as the solution.

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After earning my MBA from UCLA Anderson, I’ve spent my career helping businesses thrive by identifying opportunities to grow their revenue and manage change. While I’ve worked with companies of all types and sizes, I’m passionate about helping creative and hard-working small business owners gain the business skills they need to succeed in this ever changing world.

I first worked in the wedding industry through consulting work with catering and event management companies, and I’m now excited to be a part of The I Do Society to empower wedding industry professionals across all specialties to achieve their goals!

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Amanda Bayer

If only we had something like The I Do Society years ago when I began my journey in the wedding industry! Working within one of Houston's top venues over the past decade has included hands-on experience across many specialties: floral, stationary, in-house catering, photography - and the list goes on... and on...

It's thrilling to take all this experience - the good, the bad & everything in between - and contribute to something big that will help so many others just like myself. Staying afloat in this industry means never putting the breaks on learning - and I know this platform will make continual learning more accessible and easier for you.

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